11 Best Sanitary Pads In Nigeria

Best sanitary pads in Nigeria

Sanitary pads are absorbent materials used by females during menstruation or recovery after private part surgery, post-birth bleeding, after an abortion, or in any other situation where blood from the inside needs to be absorbed gently.

Without beating around the bush, let me show you quickly the 11 best sanitary pads in Nigeria.

Best Sanitary Pads

1: Longrich Sanitary Pad

Longrich sanitary pads have various merits, like long absorbency, pain relief, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, odor elimination, and improved endocrine and glandular function due to the anion content on surface of the pad.

It can be employed to dematerialize growth and can last up to eight hours without getting wet.

Best sanitary pads

2: Always Sanitary Pad

Always has made a woman’s period more cheerful and enjoyable. From the beginning of puberty until adulthood, the world’s leader in feminine protection is committed to helping women embrace womanhood constructively.

Always has a variety of menstrual sanitary pads to suit various body shapes, period flows, and preferences. The stronger the fitting, the better.

Best sanitary pads

3: Lady Sept Sanitary Pad

Ladysept pad is usually prescribed as part of a hospital’s list of medications for women who just gave birth. Lady sept is extremely hygienic and this pad is specifically made for women.

This pad is considered the best in their category by professionals. It is also the first and greatest of sanitary pads for special use and heavy flow.

Best sanitary pads

4: Lady Care Sanitary Pad

Lady care is comprised of a cotton-like material that is soft and comfortable against the skin. It has an anatomical shape that fits comfortably. The premium is longer for added protection.

It has channels that distribute flows and prevent side leaks. This pad is held in place at all times by a high-quality adhesive. Lady care premium has separate packs and is best for heavy flow.

Best sanitary pads

5: Tampons

Tampons pad offer excellent, imperceptible protection by absorbing fluid inside your body, ensuring that no one knows you’re on your period. Depending on your flow, they come in a variety of sizes to suit you irrespective of body.

They also have a variety of applicators, some of which are plastic, some of which are cardboard, some of which are compact, and all of which are small enough to fit in your purse to go anywhere.

Best sanitary pads

6: Angel Secret Sanitary Pad

This is one of the most interesting discoveries in centuries. It uses a negatively charged ion strip that helps you feel more confident and at ease by increasing your freshness and also vitality.

It offers instant and powerful absorption while remaining breathable and comfortable. It has been clinically proven to prevent cervical cancer, cysts, myoma, fibroids, UTIs, and also health.

Best sanitary pads

7: Molped Sanitary Pad

This is a top brand of sanitary pads in Nigeria that is very accommodating and super delicate. The feminine protection is produced by makers of Molfix child diapers Hayat Kimya Limited.

Best sanitary pads

8: Angel Sanitary Pad

This angel pad offer the ideal range of period protection to enable you confidently stand out, stay active, and live life to the fullest. Angel will keep you safe no matter what you enjoy doing.

Best sanitary pads

9: Virony Sanitary Pad

Virony is an extremely flat sanitary pad with expanded wings to prevent leakage. It is very hygienic and does not bulge. A pack provides enough pads to avoid needing to buy another.

Best sanitary pads

10: Softy Sanitary Pad

This brand of the sanitary pads was made with the aim of providing adequate comfort and confidence for its users. It comes with an ideal blend of non-abrasive, solace, and slimness.

Best sanitary pads

11: Sofy Sanitary Pad

Sofy comes in a variety of colors. The pad can be easily tucked into underpants. It is ideal for daily use as it prevents leakage and odour. The design keeps it in place for easy circulation.

How To Wear Sanitary Pads:

First, you have to peel the adhesive strip off and press the pad onto your pant then wear it. Try to change your pad at least every 8 hours. But if your period is heavy, you should change your pad much more often to prevent odour. After you remove a pad, wrap it up and put it in a dustbin.

The above list of best sanitary pads in Nigeria is good and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Where To Buy Sanitary Pad:

You can buy original sanitary pads online from trusted vendors either on Jumia or on Konga.

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