Lotion Peau De Lune Review

Lotion Peau De Lune Cleanser

Lotion Peau De Lune Cleanser is a potent face cleanser that clears stubborn acne, dark spots, sunburns, pimples, blemishes, freckles, rashes, white spots, wrinkles and also lightens the skin.

It is used to remove makeup, dirts, excess oil, impurities, dead skin cells and other pollutants on the facial skin. This face cleanser helps to deeply clean, unclog and tighten the skin pores.

This is one of the best facial cleansers but many people have bad reviews about it because they used the wrong one for their skin type. So in this review, I will be quickly telling you all you need to know about it without beating around the bush.

They are 3 types of lotion peau de lune cleanser;

1: The brown one
2: The pink one
3: The green one

1: The brown one is the strongest – It is for acne-prone and oily skin. This one is designed for people with bad acne and stubborn skin. It is meant for people whose skin is very strong and skincare products hardly have effect on them.

2: The pink one is in between – It is designed for people with normal skin. This one is suitable for people with normal skin type. It will lighten your skin complexion and get rid of your skin problems to make your skin look beautiful.

3: The green one is the mildest – It is designed for people with combination or sensitive skin type. It is gentle on the skin and works the same purpose like the other colors. This one can be used by a dark skin, chocolate skin or fair skin because it doesn’t lighten the skin complexion.

If you have a sensitive skin type and you decide to buy the black one which is very strong, you’ll experience redness, peeling of your skin and other skin irritation that will make you think you bought the fake one. Make sure to buy the one that suits your skin type as I have explained above to avoid causing damage to your skin.

I highly recommend lotion peau de lune cleanser to anyone that is suffering from stubborn acne, dark spots, sunburns, white blotches, blemishes, freckles, melasma, pimples marks, rashes, dark circles under eyes and any other skin problems.

You can also try rdl baby face cleanser or dermaliss face cleanser as alternative.

Peau De Lune Cleanser Ingredients:

Floral Water and Natural Plant Juice.

Peau De Lune Cleanser Side Effects:

1: It peels some people’s face
2: It gives some people pimples
3: It dries out some people’s skin
4: It makes some people’s face reddish
5: It makes some people’s face pale white

Does Peau De Lune Contain Hydroquinone?

No, it doesn’t contain hydroquinone.

How Good Is Peau De Lune Cleanser:

It is a good face cleanser that will get rid of your skin problems and also even out your skin tone.

How To Use Peau De Lune Cleanser:

Soak a cotton wool with the facial cleanser and properly clean your face and neck with it. It is best to use it at night time before going to bed.

How To Know Original Peau De Lune Cleanser:

The difference between the original one and the fake one is the size of the font and the display of the bar code at the back of the container.

The fake has everything written in bold letters while the original one is written in small letters.

The bar code at the back of the original facial cleanser has a white background while the fake facial cleanser doesn’t have any background.

How Much Is Peau De Lune Cleanser:

It cost N2000 in markets and cosmetics shops.

Where To Buy Peau De Lune Cleanser:

You can buy the original cleanser online from trusted vendors either on Jumia or on Konga.


  • Ma I will want to use peu de lune but my face easily turns red I have hyper pigmentations,blemishes and discoloration.I also want my face a bit lighter than it is now so which should I use please.

  • Please ma , am dark skinned and I have serious pimples and bad acne scars , I have used the Pink one for 3days and my face started peeling and I look terrible .. I don’t know if it’s cause I use it 3 times a day or because I don’t use any moisturizer to apply after it . Please which Facial creams can I use to remove my acne scars they are deep scars and too bad?….

  • Please I just got the brown one,and is not even up to a week,and my face is already getting red,please what might cause it,please as soon as possible,I don’t know what to do

    • Hello Olamide,

      I advise you to stop using it in order not to worsen your skin condition. Not everything that works for others will work for you. Peau de lune cleanser is very good but doesn’t work well for everyone.

  • hi Admin,i have pimples amd dark spot on my face,each time i have pimples after healing it will turn to spot on mg face,my face is oily but not stubborn, i am confused which of the bottle i should get,can i use black? or i should start with pink bottle first, i am scared i dont want anything that will worsen my face

      • Hi admin
        I av tiny pimples on my face especially on my forehead so i bought the brown one but it causes my face to itch nd flaky so i stop and switched to the pink one but still made my face red without any results on my pimples so a friend ask me to dilute with aloe vera gel which i did but no improvement for about a week now nd my face is still red.i dont know if i should stop using it entirely or i should continue
        pls admin advice 🙏

        • Hello Tunde,

          I advice you to stop using it entirely. Skin differs, so you might be allergic to some of the ingredients that’s why it’s worsening your situation even after switching and diluting it.

  • Hi please i got the green cleanser from a from recommendations before checking the review i have oily and strong skin but now the green one was very nice it clear my face in two weeks my problem now is i can’t get the green one again for days now, i want to no if i can buy the brown one

  • I’ve a dry skin but battling with dark spots and discoloration which I got from my body cream . My face cream finished while I was broke but I used my body cream as an alternative which damaged my face to having spots and discoloration which I’m not used to having. Thou I’ve sensitive skin. So someone recommended the black one . Pls I want to know which one I should use.

  • Hi please I’m having a lot of pimples and spots on my face i got the brown lotion peau de lune but i don’t know if there’s still need to add a face cream to it at night or just apply my face cream only in the morning

  • This product is always my last solution whenever I have breakouts due to stress or life issues and have not been disappointed. I pray they continue to maintain the quality. I get value for my money on this cleanser any day any time.

  • Hello ma i have oil skin and also product easily work on my skin have been struggling 😩with terible pimples and blackspots about 4yrs have tried many problem but is not working neither making me to be light someone recommend the brown lotion cleanser for have start using it today make 5days that i bought it just make my pimples to dry still waiting for the blackspot to clear should i continued using it?

    • Hello Aishat,

      You should be glad you are already seeing result in 5 days. Kindly be patient and continue using it for at least 1 month for maximum results.

  • Please which among them lightens the skin better. I understand the black is for stubborn skin type with acne u ish but does it lighten & glow the skin better than the pink one? Cos a friend of mine claims the pink one does that for her better. And personally the black one doesn’t lighten me.

  • Hello, I started having these bad acne breakout which left a lot of black spots on my face and I got the brown one after someone recommended it to me, I’ve used it for about 2 weeks now and I’m loving my face. My face is beautiful. Although I’m a little concerned it may make me much lighter than usual, so i intend to reduce my usage of it to maybe 2 times a week as I’ve gotten my face to where I want it . This is fine right?

  • Good evening Admin. I bought the pink peau de lune it was working real fine for me. But suddenly I started having break outs and serious sunburn… I really don’t know what to do. Tried diluting it with rose water, then it got me darker than before. Please what can I do… My face really turning to something else

    • Hello Roxie,

      From your narration, I already figured out you are using the peau de lune cleanser during the day which is wrong.

      I made sure to explain in the article that it is best used at night. Only use it during the day if you are sure you won’t come in contact with sunlight, heat or steam.

  • Please ma, I am using the green one and is shrinking my face abi trying to peel, I am scared, is there any cause for alarm, like is it normal, should I continue to use it? Or I should stop? Though it’s not been up to a week I started using it.

    • Hello Miriam,

      There is no cause for alarm. It is peeling your face because you have dead skin cells on it. Continue using it until your skin is completely renewed.

      The peeling will stop on it own after the renewing process is over. Then your face will be clear, even tone and blemish free.

  • Please someone introduced me to use dis product but I want to know how to combine it with my face cream. Should I apply before bathing, then wash off before applying my cream or can d two go without any side effects?

  • Hi I’m fair skin, My face is sensitive, I’m getting darker now due to a cream I bought and got irritations from it…I want to be fair back and also clear the irritations on my face ….which of the cleansers can I go for?

  • Am fair in complexion and am using the brown one but it peeling my skin and the pimples are getting much, which one do u think I can use

  • Hello , I am dark skinned and I wanted my sling to be lighter the way it was before . I’ve been using the pink one for 2 weeks now and it lightened me a bit but now I’m in the peeling stage . Although I have a tough skin but my issue is some parts of my fave is very very light and others still about to peel . Do I cleanse the other areas that is still dark or cleanse my face in general and again will my fave tone down a bit ? I’m scared I don’t want to be fair . Thanks

    • Hello Rita,

      As I explained in the article, the pink peau de lune will definitely lighten your skin. So if you don’t want to lighten your face, you have to stop using it to avoid having a fair face.

  • Hy good evening..am using the product cuz someone introduced it to me and it’s the brown one. Instead of getting rid of the pimples and dark pores it’s making it worst and my face peels also.please what should I do and my wedding is fast approaching.

    • Hello Goodness,

      If you read the article very well, you would see that I mentioned it will damage your skin if you use the wrong one for your skin type.

      Anyway, I advice you to stop using the brown one and get something mild to heal your skin and get rid of your skin problems.

  • Good evening, I have been using the pink one for almost 2 weeks now and It’s clearing the black spots on my chin but my problem now is that it’s lighting me unevenly as in some parts of my cheeks are lighter than some other parts. I don’t want what will lighten my face, I just want what will only clear the spots. Can I stop using the pink one and start using the green one? Am fair in complexion…thanks

    • Hello Ada,

      If you don’t want to lighten your skin then buy the green one. It does the same work like the others but doesn’t alter your skin complexion.

      • Please I need to know if I can sleep with peau de lune cleanser on my face and also to know if applying a face cream is necessary.

        • Hello Thelma,

          It is important to sleep with facial cleansers on to be able to get the maximum results.

          Also, applying a moisturizer on your face after using a facial cleanser is not necessary.

  • Gd am using the pink one but what I don’t know is when suitable to use it is it befor or after shower cos am a bit confused

    • Hello Constance,

      Facial cleansers are supposed to be used after bath not before. Make sure it dries on your skin before applying any moisturizer.

  • Hello…I’m fair in complexion and I don’t usually have pimples,my pimples only last for 2-3 days maximum but for the past 2-3 months now I’ve had extremely severe pimples on my face,so my friend recommended the brown peau de lune for me and I started on Saturday last week tomorrow will make it a week I’m using it…my skin is quite sensitive tho and it kinda seems not to be working because my face turned red with more pimples coming out and had a different color compared to the rest of my body…what do I do…I also stopped applying face cream to give it time to work
    Don’t know what to do ??

    • Hello Amara,

      The green peau de lune cleanser is the one specially formulated for sensitive skin. So you either dilute the brown one with water or stop using it completely to avoid making your skin problem worse.

  • The product is really good, i am using the pink one and within 3 weeks my face is free from pimples and I’m glowing but my little challenge is that my face is more brighter than other parts of my body, please what cream would you recommend i use for my skin to blend, i really love my glowing face.
    Please help.

  • Hy

    I have an oily face with bigger pores and pimples, making my face look dull and older than my age.

    I have pimples on my neck/chest region too.

    I’m dark in complexion but not too dark (can be termed Chocolate color)

    Someone recommended the pink one for me. I just got it yesterday. And I’m just seeing this write-up. Should I go ahead with the Pink one?

    How do I use it?
    I was told to apply every morning and night .

  • Good morning ma, pls I have a normal skin type and fair in complexion, have this stubborn sunburn which I have tried a lot of product but refused to go instead it will cause m redness and wrinkles on my face and someone introduced m to use brown peau de lune but am afraid because my skin use to react in some product pls which one is suitable for the removal of sunburn without damaging my skin. Tanx

    • Hello Uche,

      You can use either the pink or green one.

      Also note that; the peau de lune facial cleanser alone will not be able to get rid of your stubborn sunburn completely.

      Try and get a good soap and face cream to use along with it for fast and better result.

  • I’m using the pink peau de lune cleanser for a month now… It really cleared my pimples. But it made me much lighter that people actually think I bleached… What can I do?

  • I’m currently using the brown one, but my face skin is peeling, but I have been diluting with water of recent after reading your article. Would you advice that I keep using it or stop. Thanks.

    • If after diluting with water, it is still peeling your face then it’s obvious the brown one is too strong for your skin.

      I advice you to stop using it and get the one suitable for your skin type.

      • Please ma I thought you said it’s okay for the face to peel cause of the dead skin and when the product is done it would go back to normal. Why then do I need to dilute it?

        • Hello Joan,

          I didn’t write anywhere in the article that the peau de lune cleanser should be diluted with anything.

          I only advised some people who got the wrong one for their skin type to dilute it in order for it not to damage their skin as I have explained in the article.

  • Hello, thank you for this review, I’m using the pink one and yes it has brightened up my face and it helping me clear the dark spots but the pimples are taking time to stop, with the effect I think the brown one will be too strong but I’m tempted to buy it and use sparingly to help fight the acne, even though the pink one I’ve not finished using one bottle so should I be patient till I finish it to know if it’ll clear the pimples. I’m just been a lady eager to have my clear skin back… 😂😂😂😁Pls advice

    • Hi Vickee,

      I advice you to be patient with the pink one you’re currently using because the brown one will cause you even more breakout if it is too strong for your face. I also recommend that you get a good face soap to help you quickly get rid of the pimples and clear your skin.

    • The brown peau de lune is not only for black skin people. The green and pink one will only peel your face if you have dead skin cells on it or if your skin is too sensitive.

  • Gday how do I used it for effective results and which one can someone apply that is not too much chocolate nor too much fair apply

      • Good day to you. Pls someone prescribed the brown one for me that it will work for me. The thing is have been battling with black spot for over 2 years now. And ah use a lot of product and none is working for me I even used organic product still no effect. So the person ask me to buy and use it at night and after 30mins of using it I should bath and wash my face so that it won’t over work.. am just trying to confirm if it is true and the product is very effective cos av tried so many product with no positive result

        • Hi Elizabeth,

          From your explanation, it is obvious you have a stubborn skin which means the brown one is best for you as I have explained in the article.

          The person’s recommendation is right but the method in which she asked you to use it is wrong.

          Kindly follow the instruction in the article on how to use it to get the maximum result.

  • The green bottle doesn’t work for me using pink and black but they are powerful than my face pls can I dilute it with rose water?

  • Hi, I’m currently using the green one and believe me when I tell u it’s so suiting for my skin. Just started using it a week ago and I’m in love with it already…….. 💖

      • Hi I am fair in completion and have a sensitive dry skin… I have sunburns and dark spot that I have been battling with on face for awhile now and someone recommended this product for me but the problem is that am scared because I don’t know the particular one of this product to use on my face because my face react so easily to skin products and the person recommended the black one for me

      • Hi Admin,please I have a sunburn on my face, and someone ask me to buy the brown one which I get and started using today.please will it clear my sunburn away?

      • Ma, please is lotion peay de lune only for face use? Can i use it and clear dark spots on my skin and knuckles as well if not,is there any recommendation you can give 🙏

        • Hello Nkiru,

          Peau de lune cleanser can also be used on the neck but I haven’t tried it on my knuckles before. Anyway, any of these creams can help to clear your dark knuckles.

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